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मेसेज आफ द वेदास

जी. सी. नारंग

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मेसेज आफ द वेदास

जी. सी. नारंग

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    Today, an average Hindu is not familiar with the Vedas or any literature associated with them. Though the Vedas themselvesa are not so voluminous, they are rather too difficult for the inunitiated. The commentaries, on the other hand, to which one must naturally look for help to understand the Vedas, are so voluminous that they would actually break the back-bone of the student.

    So, with a view to familiarise an average Hindu with the Vedas, Sir GC Narang, the author of Message of the Vedas, had compiled selected mantras from the Vedas with their English translation. It is a great blessing to the reader that the mantras are arranged according to their subjects. This book will help him to have a fairly good idea of the nature of the contents of the Vedas.

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    Title : मेसेज आफ द वेदास

    Sub Title : N/A

    Series Title : N/A

    Language : English

    Category : Book

    Subject : वैदिक विचार

    Author 1 : जी. सी. नारंग

    Author 2 : N/A

    Translator : N/A

    Editor : N/A

    Commentator : N/A

    Publisher : N.B. Sen

    Edition : 2nd

    Publish Year : 1946

    Publish City : Lahore

    ISBN # : N/A

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