About Vedic Library

Dear Friend, Namaste!
The objective of this simple website is to collectively make a secure repository of Vedic Books. This is digital library by all and for all, free of any charges.

Any one can easily upload any PDF book. The admin will then verify whether the book is related to Vedic literature; if yes, then the admin will also punch in the metadata; If no, then the admin will delete the uploaded book. The uploaded books shall be avaiable on search and can be downloaded by any visitor, without restriction. No registrations is required for basic upload and download facility. However, registered users will have additional priviledges. Registered users (a) can view the status of their uploads, and also (b) do bulk uploads and downloads.

The admin is not in a position to check the copyright issues. The uploader are requested to check the same before uploading. Also, copyright owners are requested to identify an uploaded book, if that breaches any law. We will happily delete that.


Admin, Vedic Library