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आर्यों के सोलह संस्कार

The Sixteen Rituals of Aaryas

By : Acharya Gyaneshvar Arya In : English

The book that follows is a wholesome source of the rituals
that are performed among the Aaryas. The custom of rituals is
not based on mere whims and fancies but has a scientific
approach. These practices seem vital to the development and
progress of individuals and consequently a nation. The editor
Aachaarya Shree Gyaaneshwaraaryaji has compiled the book
meticulously and concisely. His vast knowledge and reference to
authentic sources like Charak and Sushrut - the ancient books
of medicine - leaves no point smudgy. The book is intended to
effectively reach out to the scores of people who are unaware of
these rituals and their purpose. I thank Aachaaryaji for lending
me an opportunity to contribute in the unending effort of the
spread of knowledge.

  • Title : आर्यों के सोलह संस्कार

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    Subject : सोलह संस्कार

    Author 1 : आचार्य ज्ञानेश्वर आर्य

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    Publisher : Vaanprastha Saadhak Aashram

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